[Snort-users] Re: Syn scan not logged

salz salzs26 at ...131...
Fri Mar 16 05:04:51 EST 2001

Hi ,

 I am using snort-1.7 and the default vision.conf .. It works just fine or so i
thought .

 I visited this site http://dslreports.com/scan   , they have an applet there
that scans your system and gives you a summary. I ran the scan but snort did
not report anything .. 

On another machine i have IPchains , i ran the same scan on that machine and
the scan was logged..

I run snort using the command  

snort -b -c /var/adm/snort-1.7/snort.conf -D -i eth0 -l /var/log  -s

Thanks for the help

sebastian lawrence

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