[Snort-users] Snort dying...

Ian Campbell ianc at ...1500...
Wed Mar 14 19:17:12 EST 2001

Hi again folks,

I just got my snortster box running over the past couple of days, but I'm
finding that it keeps dying with a Dr. Watson error...

I'm running the Win32 port (1.7) on an NT4 workstation SP6a box. It's a Dell
PIII-700 with 256 MB of RAM and 2 3com 3C905B's.

Also running V2.02 of Winpcap. The text of the Dr. Watson is:

The application, , generated an application error The error occurred on
3/14/2001 @ 14: 2: 8.641 The exception generated was c0000005 at address
0041a0ff (<nosymbols>) 

Anyone got any idea? TIA,


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