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Steve Pruchniewski Steve.Pruchniewski at ...1470...
Wed Mar 14 10:07:16 EST 2001

To install as a service check out the WIN32_FAQ.txt, it will be in the
directory you unzipped snort 1.7 to. You use INSTSRV.EXE to install
SRVANY.EXE as a service, which then calls the snort executable. I had some
problems but only because I failed to carefully read and follow the
instructions in the FAQ.

As for your rules start simple, test out just one rule and see if you can
trigger it.

Hope this helps.

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I am from Turkey, Istanbul Technical Uni.
I need help about snort on win2k to run it sa a service
I install snort 1,7 for win but it doesnt do anything with my rules, no
logs, no alerts.
Can you help me about this ?
May be you can send me your rules and alrts files
And how can i install snort sa a service?
Thanks for your help...
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