[Snort-users] Alert priorietes

Juergen Schmidt ju at ...863...
Wed Mar 14 08:33:01 EST 2001


I'm seeing quite a lot of alerts on my box, as people keep poking around
the server, looking for holes. I don not want to shut those messages
down, as I want to get a feeling for what people are trying. 
On the other hand, this flood keeps me from seeing *serious* alerts, for
example from handcrafted rules, that indicate with high propability an

So what I really want are alert-priorities. Are there any plans for

My workaround right now is to code this into the Message (something like
msg:"CRITICAL: directory listing") and search in Acid for "CRITICAL".
But I want to see those alarms on the first glance -- not after doing a
time consuming search.

bye, ju

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