[Snort-users] Multiple Interfaces with -i any not working.

Robinson, Ken ken.robinson at ...1563...
Wed Mar 14 08:21:47 EST 2001

This is great news! 

Thank you very much for the prompt fix!  

I'll check it out on a couple systems this morning and get back to you with
the results.

I have to grab the tarball as I can't do CVS from here.   Hopefully it's in

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I just committed fixes to support DLT_LINUX_SLL datalink type properly.
(tcpdump.org guys changed quite a bit in Sebastian's implementation
(lipcap-0.4.2 at his website), that is why you were seeing all those 'Not an
IPv4 packet' error messages. Any testings would be appreciated mucho. :)
Fixes are in cvs tree (and soon will be in


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