[Snort-users] Where to install Snort

Chris Kirby ckirby at ...1567...
Tue Mar 13 21:01:27 EST 2001

Looks like Snort is a great package and I'd like to install it on our production system but have a question about where to place it.

Our Internet connection connects to the public interface on our high availability SunScreen EFS firewalls, the DMZ interface on the firewalls then connect to high availability F5 BigIP load balancers, which then connect to the subnet that contains our webserver farm. 

Since I wouldn't want to implement a single point of failure, putting in a single Snort box is not really the way to go. Can it be safely installed on the firewalls (which are also processing packets) or should they be installed on the webservers directly? What is the performance hit, if any, like?

Any info I can get would be great.



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