[Snort-users] [ANNO] snort_stat.pl rev 1.15 released

Yen-Ming Chen chenym at ...790...
Tue Mar 13 17:36:45 EST 2001

Dear all snort users,

	A newer version of snort_stat.pl (1.15) is released. The changes are:

	* '-a', '-p', and '-n' switches are not needed anymore! Now the script
          can handle both alert format and syslog format automatically, 
          including portscan and anomsensor plug-in results.

        * Internal code change and various bugs fixed.

        Thanks to Jason Hunt and Scott McIntyre for bug report and feature

        As usual, you can obtain this script at:


        Questions ,comments and bug reports are welcome.

Best Regrads,
Yen-Ming Chen
chenym at ...790...
ychen at ...427...

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