[Snort-users] perl cgi for last events

Chris Green cmg at ...671...
Tue Mar 13 12:29:32 EST 2001

Steve Halligan <agent33 at ...187...> writes:

> Rather than grant user nobody rights to the database, you could put a read
> only username in the $conn varible.  A bit safer I think.
> -Steve

doubt it makes a difference on on a local connection DB.   Postgres
accepts you saying whatever user you are so the only way it would be
``safer'' is nobody needing to know a user name.

Of course, it looks like postgres 7.1 is going to change that and add
the UNIX auth but I've not played with that.  Identd over a connection
to localhost is the current way to authenticate and even then you're
back at where you started.

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