[Snort-users] Re: Syslog and Full Alerting

John Kiehnle john at ...1477...
Mon Mar 12 17:57:07 EST 2001

<<< UPDATE >>>

If we traverse back a few weeks, Jed pointed out to me I this fine group, that
although this may generate copious output, It overrode my snort.conf. and
logging to my database stopped. A major downside to say the least. Needless to
say at this point... although snort doesn't complain, It is not the preferred
way to handle what I was trying to do. Now I try not to override my config
file. : )

Thanks guys, sometimes I feel so new.


On Mon, 12 Mar 2001 14:04:19 -0800, Dan Zerkle said:

> John_Delisle at ...1523... wrote:
>  > > Is it possible to use syslog and 
>  > > full alterting at the same time?
>  Marty writes:
>  > Try using the -l option to specify a 
>  > logging directory and let us know
>  > if that works.  Additionally, make sure
>  > you're not specifying any
>  > alerting options on the command line,
>  > specify them in the config file.
>  Bob Staaf wrote:
>  > >      Can you use "-s" and "-A full" together
>  > > on the same command line?
>  Marty wrote:
>  > No, you can't do this.  Snort could probably
>  > be modified to do this, but
>  > the proper way to do it is through the config file.
>  I (probably) modified snort to do this, and gave the new code to
>  John.
>  I haven't tested it at all, but John reports that it "works
>  great" for him.
>  Is this something I should submit?  It's really quite trivial,
>  and at least two people seem to want the feature.
>  -Dan
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