[Snort-users] Snort Computer Case Logo Contest

Dr SuSE drsuse at ...748...
Mon Mar 12 12:42:01 EST 2001

How many times have you looked at that one inch squared void on your clone 
computer case and sat there wishing you had a goovey case logo to fill it with?
Sure you can get one of those "Intel Inside" logo's or even one advertising the 
computer store from where you purchase your parts but those aren't cool at all 
and everybody has one.  Snort users deserve something more.

There are 1000 1x1" vinyl Snort computer case logo stickers ready to go, the 
only problem is they are blank and we need your help to come up with a chillin 
Snort graphic to place under the domed Polyurethane resin.

What will you get for your efforts you ask?  Well, you will get 25 computer 
case logo's and there is always the potential of fame and fortune.  Who know's, 
once word get's out that your graphic was selected to be immortalized under 
polyurethan resin, members of the opposite sex may flock to your side.  Then 
again, maybe not!

What will become of thise case stickers and how can you get your hands on the 
finished product?  That's easy, like Snort itself, these case logo's will be 
given away for FREE!  You heard right, FREE!  A majority of the case logo's 
will be given to Marty, the Snort developers, Max, Silicon Defense and many of 
the others who have put much time and effort into Snort.  I'm sure these will 
be passed out at con's or other places where security types gather. They might 
even be traded for beer at DEFCON in July.  The remaining case logo's will be 
given out to Snort users who have contributed to Snort in one way or another 
such as helping out people on snort-users or the Snort forums, authored Snort 
rules or have helped with documentation.

Ok, enough of the hype and let's get on to the good stuff, the graphic specs.

1. A total of 5 colors can be used, 4 colors for the logo, one color for the 

2. Solid colors only, no gradients.

3. Min. 300 pixels per inch (ideal 700 Pixels).

4. Ideal Graphic File JPG, GIF, CPT, PSD, TIF or BMP.

5. Size 1x1" 

You have until April 12, 2001 to send your logo to drsuse at ...1535...  
I block mail from domains such as hotmail, yahoo, aol, compuserve, msn so if 
you mail bounces that's why.
Good luck!

Microsoft ist nicht installiert.

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