[Snort-users] mirkforce IRC attack

Brian Caswell bmc at ...312...
Fri Mar 9 08:41:13 EST 2001

Max Vision wrote:
> If anyone has a copy of the source code for this please let me know or
> forward a copy.  All I have is an ELF binary called "mIRKfORCE-2"  and
> stripped version called "mIRKfORCE-glibc-hardcorde-rel-2" that was
> apparently compiled from "mIRKfORCE.c" which I don't have.  I obtained the
> binaries October 2000, but they seem to have been compiled March 2000
> (old!)
> I didn't look at them until now because I thought they were Just Another
> Bot.  Thanks for the heads up Andrew!

I took a look at the binary when it hit SANS GIAC in October.  It is
Just Another Bot that has IRC attacks built into it.  I built snort
signatures for it in our attack lab, but after running them for 2 months
on 2 /16s all I got was false possitives for normal IRC traffic. 
(Usually MY irc traffic :P)

None of the attacks are new.  Just easier for script idjits to break
things with.  If you have IRC signatures, then this thing will set them

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