[Snort-users] Postgres Logging issue

Kevin.Brown at ...1022... Kevin.Brown at ...1022...
Fri Mar 9 01:08:03 EST 2001

I am running a single sensor with postgres on a remote server for snort.  I
have noticed that I can do /etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql restart and snort won't
hang.  I can't say if it will hang if the server is reset as the server has
never been reset while snort was running.  The only thing that really seemed
to hang on the sensor was the NIC would go offline and would stop receiving
packets, requiring the sensor to be rebooted.

> I am currently developing a Snort platform using Postgres as the backend
> database.  This is currently in a development stage (pre-deployment).  I am
> finding that when I have restarted Postgres (either through a reboot or
> restarting the service) that Snort fails to restart a connection to the
> database.  I am running with 3 sensors connecting to the database, and I am
> looking to avoid having to have to restart snort on all of the boxes when
> postgres dies or gets restarted.  Has anyone else run into this problem or
> know of a solution?
> Tim Hughes
> Network Engineer
> MCurve, Inc.
> tph at ...1513...
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