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Excellent links that I hadn't found. Thanks for the tips Shawn!


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Ian Campbell wrote:
> I'd like to play with a Snort box here at the office to monitor our
> connection outside the firewall. Since I know nothing about *nix, I'd like
> to do this on NT, so I downloaded the Win32 port and pcaplib, begged an
> intel box off my boss, and am ready to get started. Based on some of the
> posts I've read here, I was thinking about putting two NIC's in the box
> connecting one to my internal LAN, and connecting the other (without IP
> address) to the hub between our IA router and FW. Does this sound like a
> recommended configuration in terms of security, etc?

Cut the transmit leads. :) 'Course I'm paranoid.
> I plan to strip the NT OS down before installing this stuff in the same
> manner as one would prior to installing, say, a Checkpoint FW on NT. I
> want to dink around with it a litte before attempting anything wild like
> logging to a DB, or installing preprocessors, etc.

Well, you probably will want to at least set up WinPerl and SnortSnarf
so you can see your logs and packet captures in a more readable format.
> Can anyone just tell a poor novitiate if he's on the right track and offer
> some commentary, or point me to a 'getting started' faq somewhere
> (preferably with the emphasis on NT) that I could take a look at before
> jumping in.

This should get you on the right track, part II just came out as well.



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