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I would be interested in how Snort on Win2k performs using the same
benchmark... I bet it would still be a far shot above RealSecure.

- Lee

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Over the last couple months I've been finishing up work on a tool called
stick.  I was planning to release a paper in the coming week and the tool in
a month or two from now when IDS vendors have had time to make modifications
to handle it.
The tool uses the Snort rule set and produces a C program via lex that when
compiled will produce an IP packet capable of triggering that rule from a
spoofed IP range (or all possible IP addresses) into a target IP range.  A
function is produced for each rule and a loop then executes these rules in a
random order.  The tool currently produces these at about 250 alarms per
A Linux based snort will hit 100% CPU and start dropping packets.  The
stress on recording and disk IO is another problem.
ISS Real Secure dies two seconds after the attack begins.  This was tested
numerous times. 
Other IDS and even sniffers (especially with DNS lookups) had problems of
their own.  
I will be trying to release the code to IDS vendors over the next couple of
months in order for them to make changes they see fit.  The tool was
initially designed to test bandwidth and stress on IDS, but it obviously can
be used in a malicious manner and that is not my intent.
A draft paper can be seen at http://www.eurocompton.net/stick/ ... please
ignore the spelling and grammar changes.  A more technical paper and
analysis will hopefully be briefed at Blackhat if DT approves it.

Coretez G. 

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