[Snort-users] security of acid

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Most of the security would be handled by the web server - eg using .htaccess
files to password protect your acid pages, or restrict by IP address.  Any
security holes found in PHP would be fixed promptly anyway, so I don't think
that there are any issues here.  Just keep up to date with bug
reports/vulnerability reports.


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That's certainly the best way to do it. Only in this case I need to
run snort on the protected machine which is connected to the internet
only and is a webserver.
So I wonder what happens to security when I add PHP.


>Hi Ragnar,
>>  I was thinking about using acid with snort but when I went to the
>>  website I read that it uses php. I've heard that php has quite a bad
>>  security record. Could anybody perhaps comment on that? I wouldn't
>>  like to open up a gaping hole, of course.
>even if so, you wouldn't want to give everyone access to your
>IDS's statistics page, do you? I mean, I keep it
>password-protected in my internal switched network ;o))
>Bye, Jan
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