FW: [Snort-users] 01-Mar-2001 Rules broke IDS links in reports

Steve Halligan agent33 at ...187...
Wed Mar 7 11:13:52 EST 2001

Brian Caswell posted a patch to the DB logging that concatenates the ref
info back into the msg field in the database.  However, ACID's parsing of
this new msg field isn't working and links to arachnids etc are not being
created.  Here is the patch again for those that can't find it.

> This is correct.  The DB schema does not currently support 
> the "reference" item, 
> hence why ACID has no conception of it.
> I do however remember seeing someone post the patch for the 
> db plugin.  Did 
> I miss it when browsing through the archive?
> cheers,
> Roman
> > I see the reference to arachnids,17, is it just ACID does 
> not understand th=
> > e new
> > rule sets?
> > 

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