[Snort-users] Bind Attack (newbie alert)

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Tue Mar 6 19:29:35 EST 2001

Is it possible portsentry intercepted the "attack" before snort got a chance
to?  I know portsentry can block via "route reject" and TCP wrappers.


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Hello all,

     Been running snort for a few hours now and ran into the following
situation.  I also run Portsentry on this server and it caught a portscan on
bind.  However, snort did not catch it.

Mar  6 15:13:48 swshost portsentry[573]: attackalert: UDP scan from host: to UDP port: 53
Mar  6 15:13:48 swshost portsentry[573]: attackalert: Host: is already blocked Ignoring

Any help in pointing me to the right places in my snort config to
troubleshoot this would be much appreciated!



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