[Snort-users] Are packets being dropped? (revisited)

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Tue Mar 6 18:09:53 EST 2001

Thanks Vitaly, for your feedback.  I went back and found
your previous post.

However, I'm afraid I've been unable to see this work under
Solaris 8.  I put a line in syslog.conf such that *.debug
gets logged.  As expected, I see lotsa stuff coming into this

But then, when I send my snort process a kill -s USR1 (I'm
trying to recall the exact syntax per the man page), I don't
see the stats.  In fact, it appears that every 2nd time I
issue this command my snort process dies.

I hope it's not operator error, but any suggestions as to
what the problem might be?  Anyone actually getting snort to
dump stats while running in daemon mode?

Thanks a lot.


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I think I posted this already.

grep debug /etc/syslog.conf

Where "*.=debug" is being logged, you'll probably find the stats you're
looking for.

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