[Snort-users] Logging to tcpdump file and d/b

Steve Hutchins Steve.Hutchins at ...277...
Mon Mar 5 20:10:31 EST 2001

I am using ACID version 0_9_6b1
and snort 1.7 daily snapshot from Feb 7th

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I verified I have, at least, a similar problem.  Now, the question is if
there is a mis-match between the acid code creating the sql data 
structures and the data structures on the sql server side.

I just wiped the sql server database off the face of the earth,
re-initialized with the templates found in acid v0.9.6b6 and started
a very recent snort (from cvs).

I'm seeing data.  So far the sql display matches tcpdump of the binary file.

If I see anymore 255 ttls which cannot be, I'll let you know.

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