[Snort-users] Snort 1.7 and alerts

shawn . moyer shawn at ...1184...
Mon Mar 5 15:26:39 EST 2001

Oops! BTW, I believe both of the scripts I mentioned will just mail
stuff to one mailbox, sow hat you would then need to do is set up your
favorite MUA with an alias that mails to a group, something like:

snort-alerts: bob mary jim cletus leroy pedro

in /etc/aliases or the equivalent.


> Claude Bailey wrote:
> Did anyone ever respond to the query below?  I'm looking for the same
> thing but I'm not logging to a database
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>  I there a way I can set snort to Send Emails to a list of address
>  when say it get's an alert  15 times in say 5 minutes
> form a single host? I am running snort 1.7 on Mandrake 7.2 logging
> alerts to a MySQL Database

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