[Snort-users] Packet Adapter device failure W2K

comedia at ...1472... comedia at ...1472...
Mon Mar 5 06:27:31 EST 2001

Here s the message I get when lauching snort :

        --== Initializing Snort ==--

Initializing Network Interface \Device\Packet_{1C0B2699-360C-4C7A-AEEF-6669C063D
ERROR: OpenPcap() device \Device\Packet_{1C0B2699-360C-4C7A-AEEF-6669C063D016} o
        Error opening adapter

Though the windows 2000 seems to work fine with the packet capture driver installed.

Is there a complete help for W2k-snort somewhere on the web ?

Thanks for your help !


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