[Snort-users] File locking in 1.7

Michael Davis mike at ...92...
Sat Mar 3 21:23:48 EST 2001

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> Am I missing something with the event log functionality?  I didn't
> see it as a viable method for large logs.

I like the event logging because there are many other utilities to
analyze the event log and generate alert reponses(i.e send you a page
or an email etc).

You can also you the remote syslog facility and log things to a
remote syslog server.
> > The file locking is a Windows problem not a snort problem.
> How is that, when 1.6.3 did not lock the logs?  Not saying you're
> wrong, just wondering about the technical details.  :)

1.6.3 opened and closed the alert file every time an alert was
generated. This is a waste of resources and time. In 1.7 the alert
file is opened once and a file descriptor is passed around. Less time
and resources are wasted. Win32 locks files from being read if they
are in use by another program. The only way to combat this is by
copying the file and then reading it.

Hope that helps ;)

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