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Fri Mar 2 09:55:59 EST 2001

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 11:06:17AM -0700, Jim Forster wrote:
> The new 'clean' ruleset is up and ready for download.  There have been some
> major changes to this set (many thanks to Brian Caswell) and it is a much
> cleaner, more accurate rulebase.
> <You will also find that the online database reflects the changes made to
> this release.>

Some stuff:

* Many rules with ":1023" are falsely labeled as "< 1023"; must be "< 1024" or
  "<= 1023"

* The rule "MISC source port 53 to <1024" has the same text for both UDP and
  TCP; I propose "MISC source port 53 to <1024 (UDP)" and "MISC source port
  53 to <1024 (UDP)"

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