[Snort-users] Hardware suggestions

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Fri Mar 2 00:53:36 EST 2001

Martin Roesch wrote:
> There are IDS accelerators on the horizon from a number of the
> commercial NIDS vendors (there might even be one for Snort...) but at
> this time I don't know of any that are actual shipping commercial
> products.

I didn't mention this because I've spoke with the guys who came up with
it and I think it's mostly hype, but ISS claims to be able to do Gig,
sorta...They use a TopLayer load balancing switch and seven Nokia IDS
appliances, and separate the traffic by protocol -- this supposedy
works, but since RealSecure doesn't tell you about packet loss anyway,
it's hard to tell if it really does... All this for the low, low, price
of @ $.5M !


As far as Dragon, I haven't seen it in practice, but I believe the
caveat was a Gig segment at 50% load, and the price was pretty close to
what you mentioned from Network Ice.


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