[Snort-users] Installing snort...

Brian Caswell bmc at ...312...
Thu Mar 1 20:44:45 EST 2001

Sergio B Uchoa wrote:
> Anyone know what does it means???
> ERROR web-iis.rules:7 => Port value missing in rule!

It looks as if one of the rules in your list is bad.  There were a few
typos in the new gen of rules, but they have been fixed.  I'm running
them right now with no issues.

You get that issue with this type of rule:
    alert $HOST -> $HOST 80 (msg:"hi";)
This alert should be
    alert $HOST any -> $HOST 80 (msg:"hi";)

Look for any rules like that if you continue to have this error. 
(Download the latest rules, and you shouldn't...)


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