Way, Way, WAAAY, Way off Topic, was RE: [Snort-users] Possible network mapping?

shawn . moyer shawn at ...1184...
Thu Mar 1 19:22:23 EST 2001

Utopian Admin wrote:

> Yes, please -- you can even mask out the faces!  I'm confused though - did
> the router get hot because of the traffic, or the content? (ar-ar) ;)

IIRC, there was a problem with an older rev. of LD's cooling system,
coupled with some problems with error checking on the NIC, and when the
webcast went out (I believe it was a world record for web traffic at the
time, may still be), the box's proc and mainboard got so hot it melted
and failed, including sparks and smoke. Pretty good argument for F5, I'd
say. :) 


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