[Snort-users] latest acid for snort 1.8?

Kiira Triea kiira-t at ...2241...
Wed Jun 27 10:21:53 EDT 2001

Hi Snorters, 

Well I have snort-daily (this is 1.8 right?) working[1] nicely[2] with two
interface cards to snarf sniffage into snort postgres DB from my DMZ
zone and LAN simultaneously... works swimmingly. Of course the new schema
is not congruent w/ the queries in acid 9.6b9 - and I gather from the
Changelog in the CVS dir at cert.org that only 9.6b11 has the needed
schema changes?

Since I cannot CVS through my firewall I was wondering 
is there a "acid-daily" around... or perhaps I need 
to grab each individual file off the CVS browse dir? 



[1] Yes... mailing list footnotes
[2] except for lots of error on strting like: 
    ERROR policy.rules(28) => Bad Priority setting "bad-unknown"
    ERROR misc.rules(19) => Bad Priority setting "unsuccessful-user"

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