[Snort-users] Ignore some ip's

LaraCroft laracroft at ...2400...
Wed Jun 27 04:06:51 EDT 2001


I have installed a snort in a linux-firewall, my network is:

internet -> firewalll & snort -> internet servers

In my snort log appears many entries of source conexions from my 
internet servers. I don't want this, i want that snort ignore the 
conexions from  my internet servers to another sites.

How can i do this? i have put this in my snort.conf:

var DNS_SERVERS [ip_primary_dns_server/32,ip_secundary_dns_server/32]

preprocessor portscan-ignorehosts: $DNS_SERVERS

but in my snort log there is already many entries from dns_servers.

any ideas?


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