[Snort-users] Logsnorter and Postgres

Shane Machon shane at ...2397...
Tue Jun 26 20:01:43 EDT 2001


I realise this is not an actuall snort related question, but I have been
able to find any other resources on the internet for logsnorter.

Has anyone had success with the logsnorter script and getting it to talk
to a postgres db? The script files explains that it may already be
possible, however when I try to set the $dbtype to Pg it results in an
error claiming that it doesnt know of the Pg DBI (Which is

Is there something missing, or doesn't logsnorter work with Postgres at
this time (if this is the case, any ideas when support will be

I am running snort 1.7 with postgres support (v7) with logsnort v0.1 on
a Debian 2.2 Box with Perl Postgres modules installed.

Any assistance appreciated.


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