[Snort-users] Problem with Acid 0.9.6b11 (from CVS): criteria propagation

roman at ...438... roman at ...438...
Tue Jun 26 15:44:21 EDT 2001

This is the expected (if not necessarily desired) behavior.  With 
the use of sessions, state is no longer passed exclusively with 
HTML form variables.  Rather this state is mostly kept 
server-side in PHP sessions.  Hence, the use of the "back" 
browser button will cause the the previous page to re-load,
but using the newly updated state information.

I suspect that ACID will have to provide explicit "back" links to
ease navigation.


> 	I am having this problem with both Acid 0.9.6b11 and 0.9.6b10:
> 	When I select one of the "Unique alerts" options, and then I select one of 
> them, the "signature" meta criteria is stuck in my queries. If, for example, 
> after selecting one of the alerts in the list, I press the "back" button in 
> the browser, I am still carrying the alert seletion, and I don't see the full 
> list of unique alerts, but only the summary line for the alert I had selected.
> 	Something similar is happening when I select an IP address from the alerts 
> list; I select "all alerts with X.Y.Z.T as source/dest" and the search is 
> done *only* for the alert signature I had selected. It seems that it is being 
> propagated from one query to another.

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