[Snort-users] Problem with Acid 0.9.6b11 (from CVS): criteria propagation

Borja Marcos borjam at ...778...
Tue Jun 26 07:26:14 EDT 2001


	I am having this problem with both Acid 0.9.6b11 and 0.9.6b10:

	When I select one of the "Unique alerts" options, and then I select one of 
them, the "signature" meta criteria is stuck in my queries. If, for example, 
after selecting one of the alerts in the list, I press the "back" button in 
the browser, I am still carrying the alert seletion, and I don't see the full 
list of unique alerts, but only the summary line for the alert I had selected.

	Something similar is happening when I select an IP address from the alerts 
list; I select "all alerts with X.Y.Z.T as source/dest" and the search is 
done *only* for the alert signature I had selected. It seems that it is being 
propagated from one query to another.



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