[Snort-users] Stopping particular rules

GeEk koolman at ...2313...
Mon Jun 25 13:58:23 EDT 2001

Like Joe said you need you're -o option to get the custom ICMP rule you
created to work (because the -o option make pass rules take presidence) .
Also not all of the rules pertaning to ICMP are in the some are in
misc.rules and info.rules



When you die and your life flashes before your eyes does
that include the part where your life flashes before your


On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Joe McAlerney wrote:

> Hello Bennett,
> I'm not sure why you are still seeing them when the includes are
> commented out.  Perhaps there are some hidden in other .rules files like
> Kiira said.  As far as your pass rule, you must use -o to change the
> rule ordering, or the "alert" icmp rules will take precedence.
> Happy Snorting,
> -Joe M.

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