[Snort-users] Alert on more than 1 rule?

Olivier Grumelard olivier.grumelard at ...1463...
Mon Jun 25 14:45:55 EDT 2001


As far as I know (and have observed), Snort will only trigger the first 
matching rule. This, of course, does not hold true if the rules are not of 
the same type, the priority order being (from highest to lowest) activate, 
dynamic, alert, pass and log.

Hope that helps,

Olivier Grumelard.

At 13:27 25/06/01 -0400, Sheahan, Paul (PCLN-NW) wrote:

>I am writing some of my own rules on my new Snort server and have a
>If incoming traffic matches two rules, will BOTH rules trigger an alert, or
>just one? For example, there is a rule that checks for "cmd.exe" execution
>on NT servers. I also created a rule that searches for the contents
>"winnt/system32" to see if anyone was capable of bringing up a directory on
>one of my servers. Well, an attack appeared in my logs recently that
>contained "winnt/system32/cmd.exe", but only the "cmd.exe" rule was
>triggered, and not my custom rule. I'm wondering if Snort is supposed to
>trigger both, or just one of the rules?

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