[Snort-users] Acid and Links to the Whitehats (etc) Alert Info.

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Mon Jun 25 14:27:34 EDT 2001


ACID has not dropped support for external references of signatures.  Actually 
Snort v1.8 and ACID v0.9.6b6+ even support a "cleaner" construct for signatures to 
have references to external documents via the "reference" rule option.

In an effort to reproduce your configuration, I loaded a ACID 0.9.6b6 and created a 
database (v0) using the default Snort 1.7 distribution rule set.  However, the
hyperlinks to CVE/Whitehats/etc. in each of the signatures appeared as expected.

So to re-iterate the problem you are experiencing: 
- database schema v0
- Snort 1.7
- ACID v0.9.6b6
- Check the rules file you are currently using.  Do you see text strings like
 "IDS123 - foo" or "CVE-123 - foo" in the msg rule option?  
- Is it that that a hyperlink to the appropriate site does not appear next 
to the signature? Does the text (e.g. IDS 123) appear not hyper-linked?  


> I am running Acid (096b6) and Snort 1.7 with the latest (trimmed to my site,
> rules).
> This is a recent re-installation from a previous Acid on a test box.
> Previously, when you were looking at signatures lists there was, in the
> signatures column, a link to some relevant information at whitehats with
> detail/general info on the signature.  I noticed that this is not working in the
> new install.  Has this been dropped from the new acid?  If not, has anyone run
> across this before ? (i.e. what did I stuff up).
> Thanks.
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