[Snort-users] bcmath and ACID

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Mon Jun 25 14:02:17 EDT 2001

Hi Kevin,
> > RedHat 7.0
> > SNORT Version 1.8-beta6 (Build 26)
> > mySQL 3.23.32
> > ACID 0.9.6b10 and/or 0.9.6b11
> > Database schema 103 ...kept ip_src0-3 and ip_dst0-3 columns for backward 
 While you may have re-inserted these fields into the ./create_mysql
 script, the snort database plugin will no longer populate them. 
 Hence, you won't get the "backward" compatability you desire.
> > The problem is that with my current ACID setup is seeing 
> > the source and destination IP's as unknown.  
 Only v0.9.6b11 (currently found in CVS) will work with
 schema v103.  This _may_ be why you are seeing unknown 
 src/dst IP addresses.
> > called to convert the format.  I have tried to upgrade ACID but I am 
> > getting the following error message;
> > 
> > PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete: the prerequisite BCMath support required 
> > to manipulate IP addresses was not build into PHP.  Please recompile PHP 
> > with the necessary library (--enable-bcmath)
 As of 0.9.6b9, bcmath is explicitely required.  As you noted, as
 of PHP 4.0.4, bcmath is included _in the PHP distribution_.
 However, while you may not need to install any additional files,
 you still need to build support for it.  Did you explicitely use
 --enable-bcmath at the ./configure script?  Without this
 switch, PHP will NOT be built with this functionality, and 
 consequently ACID will generate the above error message.

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