[Snort-users] bcmath and ACID

Kevin Pietersma kev at ...526...
Mon Jun 25 11:42:30 EDT 2001

RedHat 7.0
SNORT Version 1.8-beta6 (Build 26)
mySQL 3.23.32
ACID 0.9.6b10 and/or 0.9.6b11
Database schema 103 ...kept ip_src0-3 and ip_dst0-3 columns for backward 
Apache 1.3.19-1

mySQL, PHP, Apache are all rpm's. Only SNORT has been compiled 
This was a working setup until I decided to upgrade SNORT. Still is a 
working setup for another SNORT sensor box running v1.7, logging to the 
same database.  The problem is that with my current ACID setup is seeing 
the source and destination IP's as unknown.  ACID v0.9.6b9 doesn't read the 
IP information from the new database schema.  The new format is logged in a 
new database table ip_src and ip_dst in a form that requires bcmath to be 
called to convert the format.  I have tried to upgrade ACID but I am 
getting the following error message;

PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete: the prerequisite BCMath support required 
to manipulate IP addresses was not build into PHP.  Please recompile PHP 
with the necessary library (--enable-bcmath)

According to the PHP web site;
"As of PHP 4.0.4, the BC math library routines are bundled in the standard 
PHP distribution.  There is no need to install any additional files."

This does seem to be true since my current /etc/php.ini file has a section 
which pertains to bcmath;
bcmath.scale = 0 ; number of decimal digits for all bcmath functions

What am I overlooking?  Is there some other setting I've missed somewhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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