[Snort-users] Problems.

Tolpanov, Dmitry tdn at ...2377...
Mon Jun 25 05:12:07 EDT 2001

Hi, all.

I use snort-1.7. In my snort.conf there is line:

preprocessor portscan-ignorehosts: 217.106.127.X/32

Nevertheless it looks like this option doesn't work. May be i must change
something else?

I've used following lines with the same result

var DNS_SERVERS [217.106.127.X/32]
preprocessor portscan-ignorehosts: $DNS_SERVERS

Some additions:
I run snort with -c,-l,-D,-p options.
Snort is on the same 217.106.127.X/32.
My uname: FreeBSD online.tomsk.net 2.2.8-19990102-SNAP FreeBSD
2.2.8-19990102-SNAP #0: Wed  Dec  8 17:13:47 KRS 1999
root at ...2378...:/usr/src/sys/compile/ONLINE  i386

Thanks for future help. :))


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