[Snort-users] Tcpdump, alerts and portscans

Jason Lewis jlewis at ...1831...
Sun Jun 24 22:39:40 EDT 2001

Maybe I have been looking at this too long and I am not seeing the obvious.
Or, maybe I made an assumption about tcpdump.

I am replaying tcpdump files with snort and putting the info into ACID.  I
am not seeing any portscans in ACID after the replay.  Is this normal?  Is
it just a configuration setting I have overlooked?  I thought tcpdump held
all the packet info and snort could replay it and identify portscans.

On the box that is replaying the tcpdump files, I have the following:

output database: log, mysql, dbname=snort_log user=snort host=localhost
output database: alert, mysql, dbname=snort_log user=snort host=localhost

What am I missing?

Jason Lewis
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The people at the other end of the link know less
about security than you do. And that's scary.

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