[Snort-users] Is Stick not dangerous?

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Sun Jun 24 21:54:10 EDT 2001


(This page is written in Japanese. It says that this news
came from U.S. but I couldn't find English original one.)

This page is updated at 19 March, and it desribes about Stick (anti-IDS
tool). According to this page, Martin Roesch said that
Risk factor of Stick was very low, because it had some drawbacks.

Is it real? If yes, why is it not so dangerous?

When I tested Stick against Snort, Snort got segmentation fault
in about 20 seconds, so I'm anxious.
(See "[Snort-users] Stick and Segmentation fault" for more info)
An attacker may use Stick to prevent snort, and make real attacks.
I suppose it is preferable to upgrade snort not to get seg fault...


Takuya Habu
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