[Snort-users] IDScenter 1.08d is out!

Kistler Ueli iuk at ...1171...
Sun Jun 24 18:19:36 EDT 2001


IDScenter 1.08d is out now! Some new features were added and bugs of
IDScenter 1.08c were corrected!
If you already used IDScenter before, please update!

I wrote a guide for IDScenter (PDF-format) -> www.eclipse.fr.fm ->
Download ... Check it out!
You can find some informations about setting up Snort with IDScenter,
Snort with MySQL support setup with IDScenter...

Future versions of IDScenter:
i'm working on a MySQL alert detection (not only Alert.ids), NT event
log detection...
perhaps i will add a log rotation function before 1.09

NEWS concerning IDScenterWeb!:
- On my homepage you can find a discussion forum for IDScenter topics!
You don't even have to register, if you don't want to!
- New web site layout
- Download counter added


Have a nice day...!
  Ueli Kistler
  iuk at ...1171...

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