[Snort-users] Problem Getting SnortSnarf to add links to log files in html output

Ed Padin ohdamnthathurts at ...131...
Fri Jun 22 16:10:28 EDT 2001


I'm having trouble getting the -ldir parameter to work for me in snortsnarf (SS). I can get SS to create the HTML content but it
creates the HREF entries that point to the actual log files where the packet payload sits.

The manual says to make sure that the http server has the right perms to view the files. I made sure of this by browsing the files
manually. I then but in the base URL as the param to -ldir so it would create the links but it wouldn't do it.

It also says that it only supports the -A fast option type snort logs. I don't actually use the -A param in snort but so I tried
using it and the logs look exactly the same. Is the '-A fast' the default in snort?

aTdHvAaNnKcSe for any help anyone can offer.

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