[Snort-users] [ACID] - trying to keep up

Ian Jones ian at ...686...
Thu Jun 21 21:49:57 EDT 2001

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I am trying to keep up with the changes in ACID and I am having a little
trouble. It seems that there is a different set of dependencies everytime I
try to upgrade...the price of living on the edge, I guess :)

I am using latest acid from CVS and latest contrib/create_mysql from CVS.
mysql  Ver 9.38
PHP Version 4.0.5 

error #1
Creating database:
bash# mysql snort< create_mysql
ERROR 1121 at line 34: Column 'sig_class_id' is used with UNIQUE or INDEX
but is not defined as NOT NULL

The above error goes away if I append "NOT NULL" to line 36, but is this

Using acid after the above change.
I don't know if it makes a difference to the sid/cid stuff but I am
populating my database from a pcap-style dump file captured via iptables
QUEUE. This means the sid reads:
[reading from a file]

When I try to click on and use acid_stat_ipaddr.php:
Database ERROR:You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'ON
(event.sid=iphdr.sid AND event.cid=iphdr.cid) WHERE ( (ip_src=1079064628)
OR ' at line 1

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