[Snort-users] Are you using Spade?

James Hoagland hoagland at ...47...
Wed Jun 20 20:22:41 EDT 2001

Dear Spade users,

As you may or may not know, the development of Spade (the anomalous 
packet sensor included in Snort as a preprocessor plugin) was done 
under funding from US DARPA.  Well, next week Silicon Defense is 
meeting with our program manager at DARPA to show how we've done good 
work.  One way we can show this is by demonstrating that Spade is in 
widespread use.  But to do this, I need its users help.  So...

+ In what organization do you use Spade?
+ What type of organization is this?
+ How do you use Spade?
+ What are its strengths?
+ What are its weaknesses?
+ Other comments:

If you could take a couple minutes to answer any or all of these 
questions, it would be great and we would appreciate it.  This will 
help us improve our standing with our sponsors, especially with 
respect to this project.  This should help us secure more funding 
that will enable us to do more good work in the future.

Please reply just to me (hoagland at ...155...), not to list.

Thank you,


P.s. If you are using Spade in the US military or government, I 
especially encourage you to respond.  This is especially valuable 
tech transfer from DARPA's perspective.

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