[Snort-users] Problem getting snort to run w/ rule set

Treu, Jill Jill.Treu at ...2308...
Wed Jun 20 11:41:00 EDT 2001


Just compiled Snort 1.7 for Redhat Linux 7.1
I am trying to get the default ruleset to work. The command I am running is:
snort -Afull -c snort.conf
Snort goes through the initialization fine, but when it gets to
-*> Snort! <*-
Version 1.7
By Martin Roesch ....

At this point it seems to hang. I am not getting any packets logged by
default to /var/log/snort
If I do an CTRL C I will see data in the breakdown by protocol section ---
just no alerts, logged, or passed
This is true even when I do an nmap scan against the box running snort.

Can anyone help. Please?



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