[Snort-users] odd output plugin behavior?

Kiira Triea kiira-t at ...2241...
Tue Jun 19 10:06:45 EDT 2001

Hi Snorters, 

Maybe I'm missing something simple here but I want an output that will
write to a logfile so that my Logchecker can email cheery tales
of nefarious s'kddies but I also want my alerts going into my 
posgresql DB. 

So I did this in snort.conf as per the example: 

ruletype redalert
   type alert
   output alert_syslog: LOG_LOCAL2
   output database: alert, postgresql, user=user dbname=snort password=password

But it hosed... alerts write to /var/log/alert and stop going into the Pg
database and nothing goes to the log file I set up in syslog.conf for 

Snort, and the associated stuff that others have added, truly rocks. 
Thanks to all. 

Emergency Holographic Systems Analyst

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