[Snort-users] performance snort question

Roeland Weve roeland at ...1415...
Tue Jun 19 08:55:27 EDT 2001


Sorry I wasn't clear:
I think that logging into a txt file is faster 
then logging into a MySQL/Postgres database.

But then, when the database increases and you want to do a big
in the MySQL/Postgres database, this takes a lot of system performance.
Then (I don't now how Snort handles this) it could be possible that 
Snort droppes some packets, or MySQL 'crashes' and Snort can't log into
MySQL anymore...

That's what I wanted to tell.
I hope it's clear now, just mail me if it isn't.


> Roeland Weve <roeland at ...1415...> writes:
> > I you use logging into MySQL, you must have a better configuration.
> > But, yes, I think this works fine when just Snort logs into txt file.
> I am not sure about what the above means.  Which one is faster, mysql
> or txt-file logging ?
> /Esben

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