[Snort-users] performance snort question

Lee Smallbone lee at ...2318...
Tue Jun 19 04:57:34 EDT 2001

Tuesday, June 19, 2001, 8:44:42 AM, you wrote:

EHS> I haven't seen an answer to Roeland's questions so far.  I am
EHS> currently considering building a snort box wich should be able to
EHS> withstand a saturated 100mbps in worst-case, and have been unable to
EHS> find even the slightest hint on what hardware requirement would be
EHS> needed to do that.

 The author seems fairly sure that a 486 should be able to keep up
 with a 100mbit/s link. I'd go one step further and use the following
 configuration so I know it would be there if it was needed:

               o) old pentium of some sort (P90/100)
               o) 32-64mb ram
               o) Large disk to cope with logs (pref SCSI or ATA100)
               o) Decent, trusted 100mbit/s NIC

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