[Snort-users] I'm being attacked, now what?

Ryan Russell ryan at ...35...
Mon Jun 18 13:03:54 EDT 2001

Not a script exactly, but the same idea embedded in a service.  Check out
aris.securityfocus.com .  We give you a (free) way to manage incident
reporting, including the drafting of the e-mail notes, automatic lookups
of the providers, etc..  You can anonymize the victim (your) IP addresses
as well.


On Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Sheahan, Paul (PCLN-NW) wrote:

> Thanks to all for their input on this. I have obtained some great
> information on this subject now!
> I have seen mention of a script several times now that allows us IDS guys to
> automatically lookup the email of the technical contact of an ISP when a
> large attack occurs and send out an automated email. Can anyone post an
> example of such a script? It would be nice to be able to automatically email
> info to an ISP when an attack/probe occurs on a large scale. It is very time
> consuming to send out manual emails to a dozen ISPs everyday!

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