[Snort-users] Problem running snortsnarf

Gisli Helgason Gisli at ...2305...
Mon Jun 18 05:40:47 EDT 2001

I keep getting this message when I run snortsnarf.
[root at ...2306... bin]# ./snortsnarf.pl -d /var/www/html /var/log/snort/log
./snortsnarf.pl: {notarget_option}: command not found
./snortsnarf.pl: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `}'
./snortsnarf.pl: line 3: `        } elsif ($arg =~ s/^-refresh=//) {'
I run snort with the following command
snort -a -c /etc/snort/snort.conf  -d -l /var/log/snort 
I am running the latest version of snort and snortsnarf on mandrake 8.0.
Thanks, Gisli.
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