[Snort-users] Stick and Segmentation Fault

HABU Takuya habu at ...1066...
Fri Jun 15 03:36:39 EDT 2001


I'm using Snort-1.7 and it works well usually.
Once I have attacked my Snort box with Stick.
In about 20-30 seconds after starting Stick,
I've got Segmentation Fault error and snort exited.

Does anyone have same experience?
Is it evitable?

I've heard that we can decrease the affect of Stick
by putting Snort behind the Firewall, but we want to set
our Snort box outside the Firewall and detect all the attacks
(except attacks by Stick) coming to our network.

My settings:
RedHat Linux 6.0, kernel 2.2.5-15, on Intel 586 processor
Snort-1.7 (from binary RPM)
rule: snort.conf from snort.org (for 1.7)
command line:
/usr/sbin/snort -d -c /etc/snort/snort.conf -l /var/log/snort -h

Any ideas?
Please excuse my poor English...

Takuya Habu
E-mail :  habu at ...1066...

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